The VET (Vocational Education & Training) in Secondary Schools program offers a range of vocational pathways to inspire secondary students to undertake a nationally recognized VET qualification while completing their secondary studies. VET in secondary schools provides the opportunity for students to gain entry requirements for further study, employment opportunities and the benefit of accredited skills and knowledge once leaving secondary school. VET in secondary schools also offers students who are unsure of what to do once secondary school is finished a try-before-you-pursue opportunity. The Department of Training and Workforce Development, Department of Education, School Curriculum and Standards Authority and Industry Training Councils are involved in the design of the VET in secondary schools program which must comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework and VET in School Guidelines. The Department of Training and Workforce Development has an auspicing tool can assist with whether an RTO will be the right option for the school to enter into an auspicing arrangement. The VET in secondary schools’ program involves partnership between schools, teachers, parents and students to ensure the success of the program.

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