VET qualifications include Certificate I, II, III and IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels and can be delivered full time, part time, online only or mixed delivery. For more information see the below list of qualifications in the Community Services, Health and Education sectors. To download click here.

For a full list of qualifications across all sectors, see the Register of A and B qualifications available here.

CHC – Community Services qualifications

Qualification Code
 QualificationsMandatory placement hours  Qualification Code
QualificationsMandatory placement hours
CHC14015Certificate I in Active Volunteering20 CHC43515Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work80
52890WACertificate II in Community Health and Wellbeing100 CHC44015Certificate IV in Coordination of Volunteer Programs 
CHC22015Certificate II in Community Services  CHC50121Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care280
CHC24015Certificate II in Active Volunteering20 CHC50221Diploma of School Age Education and Care280
CHC30121Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care160 CHC50321Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention
CHC30221Certificate III in School Based Education Support100 CHC50421Diploma of Youth Work
CHC32015Certificate III in Community Services  CHC50521Diploma of Youth Justice
CHC33021Certificate III in Individual Support120 CHC51015Diploma of Counselling 
CHC34015Certificate III in Active Volunteering20 CHC50521Diploma of Youth Justice 
CHC40221Certificate IV in School Based Education Support100 CHC51015Diploma of Counselling 
CHC40321Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention120 CHC51122Diploma of Financial Counselling220
CHC40421Certificate IV in Youth Work  CHC52021Diploma of Community Services
CHC40521Certificate IV in Youth Justice  CHC52121Diploma of Community Development 
CHC41015Certificate IV in Celebrancy  CHC53215Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs
CHC41115Certificate IV in Employment Services  CHC53315Diploma of Mental Health
CHC41215Certificate IV in Career Development  CHC53415Diploma of Leisure and Health240
CHC42021Certificate IV in Community Services  CHC62015Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management 
CHC42121Certificate IV in Community Development  CHC81215Graduate Certificate in Statutory Child Protection 
CHC42221Certificate IV in Housing  CHC81315Graduate Certificate in Career Development 
CHC42315Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care100 CHC82015Graduate Certificate in Client Assessment and Case Management 
CHC43015Certificate IV in Ageing Support  CHC81015Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling50
CHC43121Certificate IV in Disability  CHC81115Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution50
CHC43215Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs     
CHC43315Certificate IV in Mental Health80    
CHC43415Certificate IV in Leisure and Health120    

HLT - Health qualifications

Qualification Code
QualificationsMandatory placement hours  Qualification Code
QualificationsMandatory placement hours
HLT20121Certificate II in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care  HLT46115Certificate IV in Indigenous Environmental Health
HLT21020Certificate II in Medical Service First Response  HLT47015Certificate IV in Sterilisation Services
HLT23221Certificate II in Health Support Services  HLT47121Certificate IV in Hospital /Health Services Pharmacy Support
HLT26015Certificate II in Population Health  HLT47321Certificate IV in Health Administration
HLT26120Certificate II in Indigenous Environmental Health  HLT47415Certificate IV in Audiometry 
HLT30121Certificate III in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care  HLT47515Certificate IV in Operating Theatre Technical Support
HLT31020Certificate III in Ambulance Communications (Call taking)  HLT47715Certificate IV in Medical Practice Assisting
HLT31120Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport  HLT47815Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing
HLT31220Certificate III in Basic Health Care  HLT47321Certificate IV in Health Administration 
HLT33115Certificate III in Health Services Assistance  HLT50221Diploma of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care
HLT33021Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance 120 HLT50121Diploma of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practice 
HLT35021Certificate III in Dental Assisting  HLT51020Diploma of Emergency Health Care
HLT35115Certificate III in Dental Laboratory Assisting  HLT52021Diploma of Remedial Massage
HLT36015Certificate III in Population Health  HLT52115Diploma of Traditional Medicine (TCM) Remedial Massage
 200 clinical hours
HLT36115Certificate III in Indigenous Environmental Health  HLT52215Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies
 200 clinical hours
HLT37015Certificate III in Sterilisastion Services  HLT52315Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy
 120 clinical hours
HLT37121Certificate III in Hospital/Health Services  240 HLT52515Diploma of Reflexology 120 clinical hours
HLT37215Certificate III in Pathology Collection 35 HLT52615Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation
 200 clinical hours
HLT37315Certificate III in Health Administration  HLT54121Diploma of Nursing 
HLT37415 Certificate III in Pathology Assistance  HLT55118Diploma of Dental Technology
HLT40121Certificate IV in Aboriginal and or/Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care  HLT57821Diploma of Orthopaedic Technology
HLT40221Certificate IV in Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practice  HLT57921Diploma of Anaesthetic Technology and Practice Technology360
HLT41020Certificate IV in Ambulance Communications (Dispatch)  HLT62615Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda
HLT41120Certificate IV in Health Care
  HLT65015Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics
HLT42021Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
HLT43021Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance
HLT45021Certificate IV in Dental Assisting
HLT46015Certificate IV in Population Health

TAE - Training and Assessment qualifications

Qualification Code Qualifications Mandatory placement hours
TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment  
TAE50122 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training  
TAE80113 Graduate Diploma of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice  
TAE80213 Graduate Diploma of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Leadership  
TAE80316 Graduate Certificate in Digital Education